Here at QI Building Solutions, we pride ourselves on using the best quality products and equipment to deliver superior construction solutions to our customers. This is coupled with providing the latest and in-depth information on such products and processes. Here, we’ve laid out all the things you need to know about our Metsec products and Metsec and SFS installations.

What is Metsec?

Metsec is a company that provide expert design and precise manufacturing to the construction and manufacturing industries. They produce their brand of steel framing that provides solutions for many various types of building constructions including but not limited to education, industrial, retail, and commercial properties.

This covers the infill panels of the external walls, and on the other end of the spectrum, the separating walls of the internal high bay and finally superstructure and load bearing solutions in completion. It is a leading industry brand that will provide quality products and is therefore a great choice for your construction requirements.

What is Metsec SFS?

Metsec Steel Framing Solution (SFS) in a nutshell is a cold-rolled galvanized steel and stud panel framing system which provides a carrier for insulation, external cladding and interior boarding by being fixed as the infill between such components and the basic structural frame. Though it is light gauge galvanized steel, the Metsec SFS has been independently tested and is therefore structurally proven as a robust system.

While the system is much lighter than, say, block walls, this means there is a reduced pressure on other aspects of the building such as floors and foundations, all the while being strong enough to withstand reasonably high wind speeds. The Metsec SFS is therefore quite suited to both refurbishments and constructions of high rise buildings.

Understanding SFS

SFS is most commonly utilised as infill walling, to provide a structural frame to infill external walls. It is high quality and pre-engineered to suit modern construction processes. The framing system is also highly sustainable as it falls under the Steel Construction Industry for Sustainability in the Gold Standard and is recognised by Environmental Management, contributing to reduced waste and a reduced carbon footprint. This is increasingly important in the industry as environmental sustainability becomes integral.

SFS also helps to speed up the construction process, with a great track record of efficiency in use. This is because SFS is dry throughout the entire construction phase, and no time is wasted waiting for materials to dry before proceeding with other aspects of the build. The added benefit of this is less time spent on labour and handling. It also ensures that the building is weatherproof once the SFS is in place, and allows workers to continue with installation even during wet weather pressure while traditional method sites would be delayed.

SFS Installation

There are many different types of SFS installation for infill walling as discussed above, continuous walling, for high bay walls and lastly load bearing structures.

SFS Infill Walling

The one framing method that is most economical is the infill walling, as it can be constructed right from the floor and up the soffit of the basic structural frame. This infills the external wall-zone, and means that the SFS is installed from the inside of the building.

S.F.S High-Bay Walls

Building with S.F.S high-bay walls provides high separating walls in construction, particularly for factories or atrium additions to a building. The walls will therefore be lightweight and separate up to 20 meters of walling.

The added benefit is that more often than not, there is no need to add foundations. These high walls will then have a fire tolerance of up to 3 hours, resulting in a well protected framework. The high wall SFS also eliminates the need for costly hot-rolled steel wind posts.

SFS Continuous Walling

This framing method is different to infill walling as it over sails the primary structure’s edge. It is used when maximizing floor area is required, as the studs sail past the slab edges. A benefit of this method is that when it comes
to cladding, there is no need for bridging the deflection joints at each floor, so it is a less complex installation process.

Load Bearing Structures

Generally, SFS load bearing structures are suitable for penthouses and inset structures as they will provide up to 3 storeys of lightweight structural framework. The stick build nature of this system allows for added flexibility during construction. In comparison with pre-panelised solutions, the SFS load bearing structures help to reduce transportation costs.

An SFS installer benefits from using the product because it enhances the speed of construction, particularly in the early stages of the build. Where traditional infills were concerned, construction rates were known to slow, but once it is installed, the instantly secure nature of SFS means that our onsite teams can continue at a faster rate than in previous times.

An experienced SFS installer is your best bet no matter the type of installation, as they will know the nature of the product and have the expertise to install it for the key foundations of the construction.

Metsec Installation

Metsec Installers are highly qualified and have expertise in construction and even relocation should spatial aspects change. Metsec products are manufactured either cut to specific lengths or provided in standard lengths that can be cut on site to suit the requirements. This ability to modify on site is added flexibility to the installation process.

Metsec are highly regarded in the industry, and provide smooth communication and support throughout the process to ensure that constructions run efficiently. This positive relationship coupled with the benefits of Metsec products makes their systems highly competitive in the industry compared with competitors. If you have a project that requires a Metsec installer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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