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Metsec price list

Metsec price list

Metsec prices depend on the size of the metal. Prices are quoted per linear meter. They also vary depending on whether you order materials directly from Metsec or one of their distributors, like CCF. Ordering materials directly can come with a discount that can vary for specific projects. When ordering from distributors, the distributors get the discount. Companies can also apply for direct credit account with Metsec.

Before we delve into the specifics, here are a few more details about Metsec.

The most common Metsec frames are SFS infill solution. This is constructed from the floor to soffit of the main structural frame to fill in the outer wall zone, hence the name. Metsec SFS infill walling creates a secondary structure, set between the primary super structure at soffit and floor. Usually, it is placed at the slab edge, enabling insulation and external finishes to be installed outside the main structural frame continuously.

Slotted Head Track

Metsec’s proprietary slotted head track was developed to enable deflection in the main structural frame without applying any vertical pressure on the studs. The slotted head track is fixed to the studs by screw through pre-formed slots in the track.metsec slotted track

This system has several key benefits compared to alternative ones. It is faster and easier to install than traditional deflection brackets and traditional masonry infill. It is a “fix and forget” system – you don’t need to worry about missing brackets. There are also fewer components on site, hence fewer components to store, use, or lose. There is a centre line indent that is visible, which indicates the fixing location. Finally, the vertical slots at 25mm centres enable the flexible positioning of studs.

Compound Sections and Downstands

Single sections can be fixed together to form compound sections if you need to use sections with a higher capacity. This can be done for cill, jamb, and lintel sections. Downstands and parapets are easy to form with SFS using Metsec’s cantilever posts, which can be integrated within the Metsec framing. You can also use these posts to break up the span of wide openings as well as form ribbon windows.

Zed Bars

Zed bars with the dimensions of 40 x 40 x 40 can be provided in 600mm length and 2mm material. Zed bars are often used where there is no adequate bearing at the base or head of the SFS panel.

Metsec Stud sizes

 Metsec studs come in different widths and thicknesses, both of which affect the price. The width can vary between 90 and 350 mm, while thickness can be between 1.2 and 3 mm.

Understanding Product Codes

Let’s take studs sections (lipped sections) as an example. You have the stud reference of 090M12-50. The first three digits, 090, refer to the section depth of 90 mm. Numbers ending in zero are always lipped. M refers to Metsec SFS. 12 refers to the thickness of the section – 12 would be 1.2mm thick. Finally, the last two digits refer to the width or section flange, in this case 50mm.

Metsec studs dimensions

Metsec Stud Prices

Metsec stud width  Price from (per l.m., all prices in £) Price to (per l.m., all prices in £)
90mm 6.02 13.50
120mm 6.94 15.10
150mm 7.86 16.64
180mm 8.77 18.29
210mm 9.69 19.73
240mm 10.60 21.33
270mm 12.46 22.93
300mm 13.45 38.16
350mm 22.21 42.63

One advantage of Metsec materials is that you can specify the length of the materials based on your project requirements. This will bring the wastage down to a minimum. The minimum length for all metal sections is 1.5m, while the maximum length is 10m. The exact length depends on the width.


Let’s say you need 3m long studs, 120mm wide and 1.2mm thick for your project. The price per stud would be £20.82. It is very important to take the number of window and door openings into account when calculating materials for the project. You might need extra metal for the frames and boxing.

Track Sections

Just as there are studs sections (lipped sections), there are un-lipped or track sections. Let’s take the stud reference number 094M16-70S as an example. The first three digits, 094, denote the section depth of 94mm (numbers ending in 6 or 4 are always un-lipped). M indicates Metsec SFS, and 16 denotes the thickness of the section. In this case, it is 16, which means the gauge (thickness) is 1.6mm. The final two digits, 70, indicate the width or section flange of 70mm. If there is an S at the end of the reference number, that means the section is slotted.

Metsec tracks dimensions

Colour Coding

Metsec prints track sections and joist or stud sections with references that are designed to be easy to decipher. The idea is for users to understand them at a glance. The Metsec name is printed down both flanges for the thinner thicknesses of the section. The colour coding is as follows:

  • RED = 1.4mm thickness
  • BLACK = 1.2mm or 1.3mm thickness
  • GREEN = 1.6mm thickness
  • ORANGE = 1.8mm thickness
  • BLUE = 2.0mm thickness

Metsec Base Track and Head Track sizes

Head and base tracks are slightly wider than C studs. This is so they allow connection at the bottom and end of the wall. The width of the tracks can vary between 94 and 356mm, while the thickness can range from 1.2 to 2.9 mm.

Example Metsec track prices

Metsec stud width  Price from (per l.m., all prices in £) Price to (per l.m., all prices in £)
94mm 5.12 11.48
124mm 6.00 12.96
154mm 6.95 14.49
184mm 7.77 15.86
214mm 8.69 18.25
244mm 9.67 19.80
274mm 10.58 21.40
304mm 12.48 22.89
356mm 32.92 38.12

These prices exclude VAT and delivery. Please keep in mind that they are purely indicative and may change without prior warning. We advise you to get in touch with Metsec or their distributors for current prices.

For a detailed quote on supply and Metsec installation, please contact us. We’re a reliable subcontractor with over a decade of experience in the sector. We look forward to hearing from you!

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