Just like any other field, the construction business has also undergone a lot of
transformation in the last few years and this has made a few processes very

One among them is definitely dry lining and the dry lining contractors in London, Kent, Essex etc are facing a lot of demand for their services.
Therefore, whether you are directly associated with the construction industry or have construction related plans in mind, here is all that you need to know about dry lining as well as its service-providers.

What is Dry Lining?

Technically, dry lining is the process of covering of a background surface with a plaster substitute. It is basically done by fitting the plasterboard or a board material (similar to plasterboard of course) in place of a hard plaster. The process has come to replace traditional plastering because of two main reasons. One is that dry lining requires much less amount of water and secondly, it is an advanced method, the success of which does not depend entirely on the technical expertise with which the work is done.

What is Plasterboard?

Now, understanding dry lining automatically brings us to dry wall or what is best referred to as plasterboard. Plasterboard is the inner layer of gypsum put between two outer paper lining layers. These paper linings contain various additives in the gypsum layer. The properties of the plasterboard vary depending on the different weight and strength of the lining paper.
When  Plaster boards are used in house construction, they are generally found to be in the form of 1200 mm wide sheets as these can best suit the 600 mm stud spacing used in most houses today. The edge of the board can either be tapered or square. The former is useful for jointing and skimming while the latter is best for textured finishes.

Dry Wall (Plasterboard) vs. Traditional Plaster

Any discussion about dry lining and plasterboards automatically brings us to the question of why dry lining has come to replace traditional plastering. Well, to begin with, dry walls are a much less expensive option than traditional plastering. The dry wall finishing has turned out to be one of the most popular types of wall finishes. A good contractor takes very little time in getting dry lining done with maximum efficiency.
As opposed to traditional plastering, it is also a more energy efficient option when it comes to insulation. Dry lining, as its very name suggests, leaves less moisture and is therefore, considered to be effective for damp walls. As it is lighter than its wetter alternatives, the finished construction is also light and the overall building structure is much less exposed to moisture.

Insulated Dry Lining / Insulated Plasterboard

Fixing insulated plasterboard to brick walls is another preferred method highly practiced for its positive results in the construction industry. Insulated dry lining is especially useful at the time of upgrading from an existing old construction.
The insulated plaster boards on the walls and the roof slope of the construction will improve the energy efficiency standards of the same to a significant extent.
Insulated drywall is recommended for homes because it leads to reduced energy costs for the occupiers. With lower energy bills, you can enjoy affordability. Insulated walls are found to be more comfortable for the occupiers of a house. And more than anything else, the process leads to reduced Carbon-Dioxide emissions and is hence, beneficial for the environment.

Work process

Dry Lining Walls: The Process

Dry lining or putting plasterboard on a wall seems to be a simple process. The wall size and dimensions are measured and the plasterboard is trimmed accordingly.
Thereafter, adhesives are put on the wall studs and the plasterboard is hung on the wall. The process is also called ‘Dot & Dab’ because of the way in which it is done.

Choosing Professional Dry Lining Contractors

No matter how simple the dry wall process may appear, it is only the professional contractors who best understand what goes into making dry lining successful. And when we talk about dry lining, it is not just a wall but often massive building constructions that are involved. A reputed contractor offers you a lot more than just the service. So, if you are out looking for one, here is a guide to choosing the best-possible contractor for your construction related requirements.

  1. To begin with, make sure that the contractor you choose is a professional with a portfolio. A quick look into the projects they have handled so far and the kind of work they have done will give you a fair idea of whether the contractor can serve your needs too. Any recognised service-provider will be ever willing to showcase its portfolio.
  2. Secondly, the contractor should understand your precise requirements and the scenario in which dry lining is to be done. Since every situation and requirement varies, this understanding is of utmost importance.
  3. And last but not the least, the contractor should provide you with high-quality materials only. Basically, there should be no compromise in quality both in terms of materials as well as the methodologies.

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