Suspended Ceiling Installers Kent

Suspended ceilings have been favoured recently by many people due to the various features and benefits they possess. Our ceiling contractors have been specializing in this process for many years now, and they guarantee you the best possible results. We offer various high-quality ceiling systems in various finishes, from MF plasterboard for improved acoustic and fire rating to Armstrong mineral and metal ceilings for easy maintenance and durability. Moreover, our specialists offer expert solutions for residential and commercial projects in Kent, London, and Essex.

Dry lining manuals

As specialist contractors, we follow the official guidelines and manuals from the leading manufacturers.


  • We are supplying and installing all major brands and suspended ceilings, such as Armstong, Zentia, Rockfon, and British Gypsum.
  • An extensively experienced team.
  • Competitive prices
  • High-Quality finishes
  • Free advice and estimates
  • Undertaking all types of projects from just small properties to schools and hospitals

What to expect from your suspended ceiling contractor

Finding a specialized suspended ceiling company could be an intimidating task. However, it is not a surprise that many specialists in the industry offer their services due to the increased popularity of suspended ceiling installation in the last few years.  This type of installation has become part of almost every modern home, and this trend continues to grow due to its various benefits.  However, finding experienced installers who know the process is essential if you want the desired results. 

Our professionals have been installing suspended ceilings for years and undertaking various commercial and residential projects. Furthermore, we rely on diversity by supplying and installing all major brands and types of suspended ceilings.

Our services include:

  • We follow the best standards of health and safety.
  • We serve all locations in Kent, Essex, and London.
  • Consistently accurate and accessible deadlines
  • Flexible working time
  • We undertake both commercial and home projects.
  • Only high-quality materials
  • Superior installation methods

Types and benefits of suspended ceilings

Nowadays, more and more people are resorting to suspended ceiling installation for their next projects. It is an ideal solution for your home or office.  This type of ceiling, also known as dropped ceiling, combines an irresistible aesthetic appeal with numerous practical benefits. It helps you create a beautiful place without too much hassle. 

Firstly, suspended ceilings are easy to install. They save you time and effort. 

Moreover, it provides clean and smooth finishes, hiding wires and pipework which look unpleasant and can even be annoying. So, there is no doubt that suspended ceilings improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. 

Secondly, suspended ceilings greatly influence sound pollution in a room.  They absorb any sounds and noises that can distract you, making them ideal for offices and workplaces where acoustic performance is vital for your productivity.

Another benefit of suspended ceilings is that they can improve lighting in a room, making it brighter.  It is perfect for rooms with insufficient light.


  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • Save time and effort
  • A wide variety of designs available
  • Excellent sound insulation capabilities
  •  Concealed wires and pipework
  • Improve aesthetic appeal
  • Provide easy access to light fittings
  • Increased safety

Suspended ceiling services

And the best part is the variety that suspended ceiling installation provides. There are many types and designs to choose from. We offer our clients a range of options to meet all their needs and expectations. 



      • MF ceilings
      • Grid Ceilings
      • Acoustic ceilings
      • SAS Ceilings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a suspended ceiling?

A suspended ceiling, also known as dropped or false ceiling, is a secondary ceiling made of a series of ceiling tiles and a metal framework hung from the underside of the structural ceiling above it. Generally, a gap of between 3 and 8 inches is left between the structural and suspended ceiling, where the naming convention originally comes from.

What is MF ceiling?

MF ceiling is, in fact, Metal Frame Plasterboard Ceilings which are made with a lightweight metal frame that can be used in combination with plasterboards to create a modern appearance. MF ceilings provide extra durability and are compatible with most drywall applications.

What is the purpose of a suspended ceiling?

The main purpose of a suspended ceiling is to hide wires and are running through your property. Many people use them not only for aesthetic reasons but also for their convenience. A suspended ceiling can be easily installed; therefore, suspended panels are easy to remove, which also allows easy repair.  Moreover, they can be replaced should there be a pipe leak or something drastic without replacing the entire ceiling. Aside from their convenience and aesthetic appeal, suspended ceilings also improve sound pollution, which is their most common purpose for commercial projects. 

What are the types of suspended ceilings?

There are different types of suspended ceilings to choose from- MF, grid, acoustic, and SAS. However, they basically consist of a grid with cables and tiles that fit in this grid.  Each type differs in the materials used and has its own benefits.  For instance, acoustic ceilings are made with special sound-dampening tiles that absorb the sound in the room and reduce unwanted noise, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment. That makes them ideal for workplaces and offices.  Lay-in grid ceilings, for example, come with exposed or concealed grid options. This ceiling type can be personalized with various decorative effects and finishes, making it perfect for residential projects.

Are suspended ceilings safe?

There is no doubt that suspended ceilings are a safe option. Firstly, they are lightweight, making them harmless. Secondly, suspended ceilings add valuable extra time for safe evacuation in unlikely events like fire or earthquake. Moreover, they can reduce property damages.

How to install a suspended ceiling?

A suspended ceiling can be easily installed, saving you time and effort.  However, we don’t recommend installing your ceiling if you don’t have the right knowledge and tools. Professional Contractors follow the manufacturers’ guides.

Why should you choose QI Building Solutions for your next project?

Our team has vast experience in this field and guarantees the best possible results. The proper installation requires knowledge and skill. Therefore, the experience is to be considered. We cater to everyone’s needs to ensure all our clients will meet their expectations. 

Looking for a reliable suspended ceilings contractor for your next project?